RSL15 LED PROFILE; [15*24,5mm]

Recessed type of Slim Line 15 LED profile is dedicated for build-in into material. The profile with choice of frosted diffuser is “LEDs DOTS FREE” and deliver soft smooth light on the whole surface. The profile can accommodate standard led stripes up to 12mm of the wideness. The profile can be recess into any kind of surface and the expending to the sides the profile “wings” covers the mill row completely. This type of profile is often use for build in underneath kitchen cabinets led lighting, retail store shelf lighting. It is quality and contemporary design which fits in many places. RSL15 is made from anodized aluminium with choice of high quality frosted (“LEDs DOTS FREE”), 50% frosted or transparent snap-in diffuser and matching end caps. The snap-in diffuser is made from UV resistant material and it is damage resistant (walk over safe). The aluminium profile is performing as the heat sink to the LEDs and also presents itself as nice, stylish housing where all components are matching and are high quality.

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