Fridge Flow Fan


12v and 24v available

Automatic Heat Sensor

Reliable and will last approximately 40000 hours

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Made by Jenste Limited the Fridge Flow Fan with an automatic heat sensor runs on 12v or 24v version is available

Using a DC Brushless fan, utilising patented brushless motor design and precision oil-impregnated sintered sleeve bearing system for superior performance and reliability the Fridge Flow Fan is quiet, reliable and will last approximately 40000 hours.

The Fridge Flow Fan fits behind the upper exterior fridge vent and the built-in heat sensor automatically starts the fan at approximately 30°C and creates an airflow of 51.5Cf/m across the absorption unit to efficiently exhaust the hot air and cool the air trapped between the fridge and the wall.

Once the temperature has cooled sufficiently the unit switches off until the temperature rises again.

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