Insulated Red Male Spade Connector


Tab size 6.3 mm (for 0.5mm – 1.5mm cable)

10 pcs £1
100 pcs  £7.50

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Insulated Red Male Spade Connector s ideal if you need a way to quickly connect and disconnect terminals. The connector is designed for crimp termination, a compression method of connection that doesn’t need soldering. It’s most often used to connect single wires to relays or components using a safe and reliable crimping method.

With tin-plated brass contacts, this connector has reliable strength and conductivity and is resistant to corrosion, oxidation and degradation. They are used to connect household and industrial devices.

Available in packs of 10 (10 pcs for £1 or 100 pcs for £7.50)


  • Red male spade insulated connector
  • Polycarbonate insulation
  • Cable range of  0.5 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Tab size 6.3 mm
  • Overall Length 22 mm
  • Crimp termination method
  • Colour Red

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