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WiFi 5-in-1 LED Strip Controller!

WiFi 5-in-1 LED Strip Controller!

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Experience Brilliance with the WiFi 5-in-1 LED Strip Controller!

Revolutionize your indoor lighting using the WiFi 5-in-1 LED Strip Controller. Effortlessly create stunning moods and ambiences in any space. Ideal for kitchens, under cabinets, TV backlights, dining areas, bedrooms, gardens, patios, balconies, and occasions such as parties and weddings.

Voice Empowerment

Say farewell to traditional controls. Our controller seamlessly syncs with Alexa Echo Plus and Google Home, allowing you to command your LED strips with just your voice. Turn them on/off, switch colors, and adjust brightness levels effortlessly.

App Mastery for Ultimate Flexibility

Command from your smartphone! Sync your LED strip lights with your favourite music for an enthralling light spectacle. A single app grants you power over multiple controllers (strip lights) simultaneously. Wherever you are, your LED lights obey your wishes. A great gift choice for friends and family.

Effortless Operation

Begin without hassle. Download the app from our website, connect it to your gateway and smartphone, and instantly take control through the app. It's designed for simple Zigbee gateway pairing, offering wireless dimming, remote control, timers, group control, and music synchronization.

Vast Compatibility

Our system seamlessly integrates with Zigbee Light Link, Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Echo (4th Gen), and beyond. For advanced features, explore the MiBoxer Smart App (requires a Miboxer Gateway ZB-box3). For optimal performance, we recommend using a premium power supply.

Elevate your lighting involvement today with the WiFi 5-in-1 LED Strip Controller. Elevate any space into a mesmerizing visual delight with unparalleled simplicity.

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